Welcome To Spring Gala 2011
Our 20th Anniversary Show
What a humbling experience to be so closely associated with
something like the 20th anniversary of Northwest Senior Theatre.  
In 2002, I wasn’t even aware this organization existed, and here I
am as only the third director in it’s history.

And what a history it has been.  Our Spring 2011 show is our
salute to that history past, present and future.  Included are songs
and routines from many years back as well as new ones.   It has
been an exciting year for our “long timers” to help re-create those
memories, and make new ones.
Directors Notes Spring 2011
We are especially pleased to bring back to life a signature part of
NST and that is the school show where we enlisted the talents of
local students in a cross generational sharing of what we have in
common, not what makes us different.  

We hope you enjoy our tribute to this great institution, and be sure
to tell all your friends about it.

Ray Beyer
Celebrating twenty years of
variety shows from Broadway,
Movies, TV and Radio.  

Musical scenes from Camelot,
Fiddler on the Roof, South
Pacific, Alexander’s Ragtime
Band, Oklahoma, and many
more.  Includes standup
comedy, skits, tap, and full
production numbers.
“It seems we’ve stood and talked like this before.
We looked at each other in the same way then
But do you remember Where Or When."
"Some things that happened for the first time,
Seem to be happening again.
And so it seems you’ve heard this song before
And laughed before,
And clapped before,
But do you know Where Or When."
And so it seems we’ve sung this song before,
Done this skit before,
Danced this dance before,
But do you know Where Or When?