Holiday 2010 Review
 "It's Jingle Time"
                                                        Directors Notes

One of the most enduring symbols of Christmas is bells.  Thus, our 2010 Christmas show has
the name "It's Jingle Time".  Sure there are other songs, not just those relating to bells, but the
bells will ring with any song.

You'll enjoy a variety of music, some of which you've not heard before. Some are very familiar,
and to tie it all together, we include our traditional carol sing-along which includes the audience.
Even the Grinch will be around - at least long enough to get run off
by Jim Wingo, who just will not be intimidated.
Is it true the famous Jack Benny was
"too frugal"?  Check out NST's Jack
Benny look/sound alike for the
answer - as he tries to go Christmas
There's even a little girl who was
supposed to be asleep, but has a
secret to share with you.
The Raggedy Ann dolls, along with Santa's elves make an appearance
to let you know that nothing will slow them down from their duties.
So come prepared to be entertained, and make your holiday season sparkle and ring as our
group of 9 men and 7 ladies slip into their "dress up clothes" and entertain you.
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