* Creativity Is Ageless..! *
Recent audience comments:

"You people are amazing...a very professional show."

"You look like you're having a lot of fun."  (We are.)

"I thoroughly enjoyed your show..."

"Gosh, I'm much younger and I can't do that..."

To see what they are raving about, please attend one of
our next performances.  And, if you like what your see,
please consider joining us.  
Our Creative Process....
Broadway, the movies, television, radio, and vaudeville
have influenced our shows.  Our Artistic Director, Ray
Beyer, develops each show and encourages cast input.  
We are particularly known for our sets and costumes.  
Dance captain Sue Tenison keeps us on the right foot.

Choreographer Joanne Breen gets us started off on the
right foot.
 And to keep us on the beat is our live combo
Pam Duvall on the keyboard,  Harry Smith on drums and
Faith Wang on base guitar.

More About Us:
Rehearsals, Auditions, Organization, Board, etc.
Northwest Senior Theatre
The Northwest Senior Theater ( NWST ) is a group of
experienced (55 and older) performers .   We are singers,
dancers, actors, musicians and production folks who still
thoroughly enjoy performing despite being 55...and older.

We develop two new professional-quality musical variety
shows each year, complete with costumes, scenery,
choreography and, of course, lots of music.  We perform
at Alpenrose Dairy Opera House and also for private
Next Show:    Spring Gala - May 16-19, 2018 - "Love is ON the Air"
2:00 pm @ Alpenrose Opera House -- 6149 SW Shattuck Rd., Portland, OR